I just had a colleague cause one of these inadvertently by accidentally trying to restore a backup over a replicating database. Recovery of database ‘TestMe’ (28) is 0% complete (approximately 37 seconds remain). Thus, you have been able to fix the issue “SQL Server Database Stuck in Restoring State”. In my case I had been restoring one database over another (Production database into a Test database) and one of them got stuck… not funny. This is a production database and is down for a few days now. If you are having issues restoring the db from this mode, read this Recover SQL Database from Emergency Mode to Normal Mode. After sometime, you should see phase 1. So if anyone is having a similar problem, trying shrinking the database first and then backing it up and restoring from that. This order will make the database that is in the “restoring” state accessible for end-clients. NOTE: Usually a database comes out of EMERGENCY mode automatically. I don’t know how it got into the restoring state though as from personal experience in dev environments, SQL just won’t let you restore over a DB that is even marked for publication, let alone with a live publication. Forum – Learn more on SQLServerCentral. This application is frequently used by database administrators to manage tons of data in just a few clicks. Hello I made a backup and try to migrate it on other server. While I was importing it freezes on “Restoring databese…. I am unable to access the database. If your database is still in the restoring state and you want to recover it without restoring additional backups you can issue a RESTORE DATABASE .. WITH RECOVERY to bring the database online for users to use. The completion says 100 percent complete by the still the Database in SSMS shows in Restoring mode. Besides this error, an SQL administrator may face many other database issues and errors. How to drop a SQL database stuck in Restoring… Posted on June 21, 2015 by Chrissy LeMaire — 1 Comment ↓ No idea where I got this (it’s been in Drafts forever), and now I kinda want to do it in PowerShell, but here’s some T-SQL to drop a hella stuck database (if plain old restore database @dbname doesn’t work). Please help. Once you run the RESTORE command with RECOVERY switch, you cannot run the RESTORE command again to recover data from more backup files. On the off chance that the database is stuck in the restoring state and you don’t have different backups to restore, you can recover the database utilizing the accompanying command: Restore DATABASE [Database name] WITH RECOVERY. Even if the user press the Stop button to cancel the restore process, he gets annoyed with SQL Server database restoring forever situation. Phase 1 of 3. Database Stuck in Restoring!! Most of the time the restoring process goes smoothly but sometimes SQL Server Database Stuck in Restoring State. If you are restoring a database using multiple backup files, you would use the WITH NORECOVERY option for each restore except the last. DATABASE InsiteDB WITH RECOVERY,STAT=10. It hangs over 10 minutes and nothing happens. If you have a SQL database stuck on RESTORING (see screen shot) the answer is likely to run a RESTORE command against the MASTER database. RESTORE. 99% complete”. In Errorlog, we should see the very first message in the database (TestMe is the name of my database): Starting up database ‘TestMe’. Once you have opened the db in EMERGENCY mode, try repairing the database using the DBCC CHECKDB command with the ‘REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS’ option. But, in some situations, the SQL Server database recovery progress is too slow that the restore process goes into the stuck mode for an indefinite time. The size of the log files was actually a known issue, hence we usually back up from a shrunk version of the database. This means the files are opened and recovery is started. Secondly, I was attempting to backup the database … When the SQL users face a data loss situation then they try to restore the database from the backup.