As we approach the 9 th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur next week, one of the essential challenges in implementing the New Urban Agenda that governments are struggling with is the provision at scale of high quality affordable housing, a key part of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 of building sustainable cities and communities. The final instalment of our Best of 2016 series: the homes, cabins, residences, getaways, and social housing that wowed us. Roam Co-living Housing … Here are the 10 best housing projects of 2016, including BIG's twisting Grove at Grand Bay tower in Florida, and Jean Verville's secluded FAHouse in Quebec. In the list below, you'll find the houses that arouse the most interest in our audience. These 30 projects from across the world have found unique ways to meet that challenge. The 2013 Carbuncle Cup winner: UCL student housing on Caledonian Road, north London. From a shared apartment in Barcelona to the world's largest co-housing development, here are six key examples from around the world (+ slideshow). But Future Towers, Dutch interdisciplinary firm MVRDV’s first project in India, is a standout example of cost-effective housing done right. We compare the architecture and organizational structure of social housing around the world in Belgium, Chile, The Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, and the USA. At its best, public housing shouldn't just provide a roof and four walls, but utilize creative design to make low-cost buildings feel like high-quality homes. The project is being executed by Country Garden Pacific View and is projected to house up to 700,000 residents after about 20 years of construction. Forest City is one of the biggest land reclamation projects in the world, seeking to build 4 new islands from 1400 hectares of reclaimed land in a bay between Malaysia and Singapore. When I worked on affordable housing in … Government-funded housing projects in the United States nearly all began with a common dream—to end urban slums and provide an affordable, safe housing option for low- to middle-income families. Eight resourceful low-cost housing projects from around the globe. 'The jury struggled to see it as remotely fit for human habitation.' Here are the top 10 best cities for low income housing, and the percentage of low income households the HUD programs can provide for: 10. Check out the 50 most popular homes of 2019 (so far). Pensacola, Florida – 31.5% This dream has fallen so far that even many residents of some of the nation’s most infamous housing projects have called for their demolition.