We take all of these factors into account when designing your boat cover. While you can find boat covers that cost less than $40, most of them are in the $80 to $100 range, with … Universal boat covers are the most affordable type of boat covers on the market. Look for the Liberty label on fine custom boat canvas and sails. preloadFlag = true; Using the finest top quality materials along with our 26+ years of experience and expert workmanship, we can create a custom made boat cover, bow cover, cockpit cover, pontoon cover or any marine cover at a very competitive price. Buy best rated guaranteed fit Custom Boat Cover online with options for all year, make and model at factory price with 10 Year Warranty and Free Shipping. We know what boat covers are exposed to and ShoreTex custom boat covers are built tough to help withstand the … } The only canvas shop in Cincinnati utilizing E- Z Frame II CAD engineering software and frame design. 9124 Ortonville Road. We can supply a comprehensive range of custom made covers to suit all situations for craft of this type from 7ft (2 metres) to 30ft (10 metres). Snap On Cover. kensheader_06_kensheader_05_over = newImage("images/kensheader_06-kensheader_05.jpg"); See our work for yourself today. Sail Maker and Marine Canvas Fabricator Located in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. A pleated skirt adds so much character to a slipcover no matter if its a classic tailored style with a single pleat on each corner, or a bunch of cute, chunky box pleats all the way around. If you have a choice, note that a darker color in the sun can make your boat hotter, which could harm electronics or other equipment, but the heat also helps ward off mold and mildew. Call now (248) 922-1500; Address. All Rights Reserved. New England Winter covers protect your investment in the off-season, year after year, with no waste. Welcome to Canseal Canvas! for (var i=0; i