Global environmental issues, conscious consumerism, and challenges faced by food producers are shaping sustainable initiatives in the food industry. From The Center. Sustainable Food Trends Will Become Center Of The Plate With Modern Consumers. Many responses to this question were optimistic about recent trends towards plant-based eating and meat substitutes. November 25, 2019 Mahavi Health & Fitness. 2020’s Upcoming Sustainable Food Trends. It’s no secret that eating meat has a big impact on the planet. The next in our series of sustainable trends attempts to mitigate the environmental impact of our diets. The whole world is experiencing a noticeable shift towards sustainability, especially when it comes to food. Food trends for 2020: Plant-based continues to sprout, focus on mood-boosting ingredients ... Consumers want to know about sustainable foods. Add to My Front Page. A majority of consumers today look for products that can help them live a more sustainable, socially responsible life. The 34 chefs we spoke with are forecasting sherry, sustainable seafood, … Plant-based foods, meat analogues, dairy alternatives and protein-enriched … 6 sustainable food trends businesses must watch. Top sustainable food trends of 2020 hold great promise and better hope for making our overall food system efficient and healthier. By Oliver Morrison 22-Nov-2019 - Last updated on 22-Nov-2019 at 15:30 GMT ... 08-Dec-2020 | Technical / White Paper . As rural masses migrate to urban areas, populations grow, and people work toward better living standards, global food system sustainability is jeopardized, according to a … Food and Beverage Sustainability Trends in 2020 fine tunes the connection between the evidence-based claims for sustainability’s urgency – not least among which, in 2050, the world’s population will need 56% more food than today – and the general trend toward sustainability in the food and beverage industry. Sustainability and climate change made up two of the top five 2020 trends in food and nutrition. This article reflects on progress we have made so far in sustainable food production and looks at predicted trends and challenges for the coming decade. PROGRESS MADE IN SUSTAINABLE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE SO FAR. 9 Sustainable food trends -With more pressure on multi-nationals and consumer behaviour affecting climate change we researched the food trends that are shaping the food industry in 2019 and what to expect more of in 2020.Sustainable and plant based solutions are on the increase. Whole Foods Market just released its list of 2020 food trends to watch for and topping the list of predictions is a continued focus on eco-conscious eats. Other trends are “un-diets,” new spins on old standbys and ingredients for trust. Posted on AllSides November 10th, 2020. Save for Later .