If you would like a 36/300 yard zero on your rifle, just shoot point of aim/point of impact on any target at 36 yards. 36 yard zero Need targets? 0.6 inches at 25 yards is roughly 2.5 MOA. Above: New Zero target. NRA 100 yard Target.pdf This is a 200 yard target scaled down to be the same size optically at 100 yards. The targets overall design and use of color tends to be ideal for zeroing a wide variety of firearms and optics in many different lighting conditions. You can find the printable PDF file at Jerking the Trigger. About the only reason, and I have look at doing it seriously, for a 36-yard zero is to get more range out of the dope for a situation where I knew I wouldn't be able to fiddle with the turrets at all. Referenced : The target is to be fired at 25 meters not yards. In the center is a 4 MOA diamond and dashed circle, surrounded by a 6 MOA (4cm) dashed circle, same size as old zero target. The new Fall Airgun Targets are in! Using an MPBR zero, you can also zero at shorter ranges. Targets > Zero Targets. Yes, if you zero at 36 yards you will impact very closely to the same spot at 300. HEAVY TAGBOARD PAPER hope this helps you 25 meter zeroing target - m4 carbine 1- for zeroing at 25 meters, rotate the rear sight elevation knob to the 300 meter (6/3) setting. The final product is printed on standard 24” x 36” matte 20lb paper, with additional 3” and 5” utility targets for other drills, and with corner target description text so trainers can easily find the targets … PDF and Word format targets for accurate printing. Figuring out holdover on the fly (and without a dual-reticle optic) is a nonstarter in this case. But if the range of your target could be anywhere out to 300 yards, your best choice among those shown is the 36 yard zero… Happy shooting! I wanted to share these with the INGO community: I have created a series improved 25M zero targets (based of the standard US Military 25M zero target) UPDATED 27 MAR 2015 - Added AK-47 (7.62x39) 25 yard targets I wanted to share some targets I created to assist in zeroing my red dot optics. This will give you the Bull and Inner rings of a 200yd target. AR-15 Zeros and Trajectories The 100 yard zero with a .223/5.56mm AR-15 carbine is a unique trajectory in that the bullet just “kisses” the line of sight at 100 yards and rides along it for approximately 10 yards before dropping back down below the line of sight. For me, the most useful is the 50 yard zero for shooting at 25 yards. It has the least amount of "spread" (combination of drop and rise of bullet out to 300 yrds) and you can download and print the target for free from the video I posted to get a 36 yard zero at 25 yards One of the most popular “Battle sight” zeros for the AR-15 is the 50/200. For those that have attended the courses now know that when it comes to your go-to 5.56 caliber carbine rifle that you would pick because it is best suited for The 400-yard hits, according to the chart that Low_Drag provided, show shots just above to … adjust sights to move shot group center as close as possible to the white dot in the center of the target. This site has good printable targets for handguns and rifles. This will give you a 25/100 Yard zero. ELEMENTS TO ESTABLISH A SOUND ZERO • Definition of a Zero A zero is the elevation and windage settings required to place a single shot, or the center of a shot group, in a pre-designated location on a target at 100 yards/meters, from a specific firing position, under ideal weather conditions (i.e., no wind). You may not have access to a 300-yard rifle range, or even a 200-yard rifle range. Confirm by questions. Calibrated for 1/2 moa adjustments per click Instructions: Place the target at 25 yards, zero your optic so that your dot is on the colored bullseye and your hits are on the gray bullseye. Thanks for visiting Targets4Free! The targets are extremely handy when one say has a 3-gun event the next day and their new baby kept them from the range (not that this has ever happened to me). Both rifles aiming dead center of the target, or at the same low aiming point as the “3” setting resulted in the rounds impacting below the target. You should of course then verify at one of those distances.) This will give a battle sight zero of 250 M. The "soldier will earn to hit targets … zero, and pass a scored validation exercise before going to the RETS for qualification. Again this not much to remember and 2″-3″ is not a lot of deviation without doping. With the battle setting we expected an approximate 270 yard zero and knew that we would have to aim high on the target to get the bullets to impact in the middle of the target.