If a Spanish class were to go on an in-country immersion in Spain, they’d be flooded by the sights and sounds of native speakers going about their business. You can also let your students interact with built-in quizzes, or create your own quizzes, basing your questions on what the videos present. This teaching method is often likened to doling out tough love, throwing learners into the water as a means of teaching them to swim. During their short presentation of 5 to 7 minutes, they won’t just be limited to their fifteen statements. Activities may include a guest lecture series, screenings of Russian and Soviet films, folk singing and dancing, and field trips. When a student, for example, is given sushi, the most basic thing she can do is obviously to bring some of it in and share it with the class. To get a Skype account, visit Skype, download the free software with the click of a button, and enter a username and password. Here are some tips for making the process run smoothly: Do this often enough in the course, and your students will have more time interacting with native speakers than learners who fly all the way to the target country without engaging in serious discussion with anybody there. 7 Awesome Language Immersion Activities That Teleport Your Class to Another Place 1) Native Speaker Visit. For this last one, you’re actually going to step out of the classroom, but not to go to another country. So it is the ultimate place to really learn a language. VoiceThread is a media player with a highly interactive discussion space. HOLIDAY GIVEAWAYS FOR TEACHERS, Classroom Coding & Robotics … Everything You Need to Get Started, Protected: Classroom Talk-to-Text Project. A language immersion trip like this could make the difference between students who simply took French lessons in school and students who speak French fluently upon graduation. Immersion is an approach for acquiring a second language that may result in bilingualism. (There’s just something more effective about a fresh face.). So over time, their ears become attuned to the rhythm and rhymes of the language. You can organize chosen videos into “courses,” name your courses and assign them to your students for homework or in-class activities. Foreign Language Immersion School 1550 Celebration Blvd. This is a homework assignment designed not only to familiarize students with the distinctive traditions of the culture in question, but also to build students’ individual vocabularies. The language ceases to be a separate entity, something that needs to be memorized or mastered, whose vocabulary needs to be learned rote. This activity has two elements to it: a written and an oral one. In a language immersion camp, phrases and words can be easily learned through daily routines with fluent speakers. You can let them listen to songs, podcasts and radio shows, and let them consume the very same content that native speakers themselves listen to. Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers. The activity – Pom Pom Turn Taking Game by Onetimethrough. United States. It’s not just passive and unconscious reception. They’ll have to exercise auditory and mental agility. Language immersion is a process of consistent second language exposure for the entire duration of the class time. Immersion Tours staff use daily activities to teach students new French words and expressions. With FluentU, you can have your students watch authentic French videos with interactive captions. As a cultural area, it’s arguably just as “real” and “authentic” as China itself. The advantage of tapping famous historical figures is that they’re already quite familiar to the students and their lives have plenty of interesting stories, incidents and facts that the students can use for the activity. What are the biggest benefits of a language immersion program? In the youth educational arena it often refers to a child taking courses in fields like science, math, history, etc. You're reading a blog post in English, the people around you are speaking English, and when you read a book tonight it will likely be written in English. Comments 15; Pingbacks 6 (An uninterrupted presentation will give the student confidence and the self-assurance that she’s making progress in the language.). The students will write these down on paper and create a two-sentence English definition for each of the words. 14 Memes That Nail the Reality of Being a Teacher Mom, Join the WeAreTeachers Influencer Network. I’m sure you’ll find time to right the ship some other day. Why not find a class in another country who you can Skype with? May 29, 2015 - Explore Vicky Kim's board "Dual language immersion " on Pinterest. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. There is something for everyone and all while learning a new beautiful language! Because you’re not simply a language teacher, you’re a cultural guide. You can utilize FluentU for immersion in many ways: In summary, FluentU is an awesome teaching tool that makes your classes truly immersive. If a Spanish class were to go on an in-country immersion in Spain, they’d be flooded by the... 2) Audio Immersion via Transcription. It depends completely on interaction and language immersion simply isn’t there if it’s not interacted with. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Mini-immersion Activities Seneca Language for the Elementary Learner Ja:no’s—Janine Bowen Summer 2013 These mini-immersion activities were used with my 7 year old daughter to teach her basic Seneca language, while home for the summer. Immersive language experiences are closer to home than you might think. Authentic cultural immersion experiences and activities abroad. Language immersion makes the structures and patterns of the language more familiar, and it better prepares students for real conversations. Students will hone their French language skills through classes at prestigious schools and accredited universities. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240). Think of the whole environment as a visual aid and prop for a class lesson, with everything already in place. The only requirement is that they speak only the foreign language being learned. Instead of passively listening to a guided tour, we let students do their own research and find out as much as they can about a little part of a country’s history, learning the language along the way. in a foreign language. The Russian Language Institute offers a variety of extracurricular activities designed to enhance the language skills being learned in the classroom. A mere fifteen statements may give them more practice than those going to the target country but not taking enough chances to communicate with the native speakers around them. If the foreign language you teach is Spanish, consider Puerto Rico. In a Chinese class, for example, somebody might choose to read up and investigate Chinese New Year celebrations. Cultural and Language Immersion Activities. On our French language immersion tours the country becomes the living classroom for high school student groups. is a … All daily activities can be carried out in your First Nations language. Seven activities that make any language come alive. Site visits are important in that they already contain the visual, auditory and kinesthetic prompts that your students might experience if they actually go to the target country. For a class immersion, you need to actively feed your students something to listen to. He can tell his personal story, talk about his job or share some interesting quirk about his culture. The use of costumes, props and visual aids is highly desirable and will definitely get some bonus points. Call Us: (321) 939-4177 Email: contact@languageimmersionschool.com Seek out your ELL teachers and ask if your students might get together with their students to chat. Immersion programs are centered around subject area instruction in the new language that occurs for at least 50% of the day. It uses that vocab to give students a 100% personalized experience by recommending videos and examples. First, you’ll want to make an account on Reddit and subscribe to a subreddit where people speak or study your target language. The students are to present their chosen figures in fifteen interesting, coherent and grammatically sound sentences. But that would make a huge dent in everybody’s budget. Having several students pick the same person is fine, but for any culture there should be lots of varied possibilities to choose from, and they can include people who are well-known or of historical interest for any reason—for example, depending on the language and maturity level of your students, an infamous figure like Hitler shouldn’t necessarily be considered off-limits. Easy-peasy. We researched awesome ways to give U.S. students an intensive language immersion experience, without spending an arm and a leg. It can be anything. Being a Teacher Was My Best Preparation for Motherhood. It goes without saying that this class presentation will be done in Japanese. When you know the Skype username of the teacher or classroom you’re connecting with (and a time they’re available), all you have to do is a quick double-click for instant video conferencing. They will engage in an ongoing conversation about what they see and what others thought about it. And he can really talk about anything—so long as he does it in Spanish. Volunteer Programs. Language immersion is basically a method developed to teach people a second language, in which the language being taught is used specifically for instruction purposes. We’ll start small and work our way up to the most immersive reality. It will be helpful in fine-tuning their understanding, especially of usage and syntax. ISB Summer’s staff is comprised of experienced, talented, and creative educators. When a group of foreign exchange students comes to stay with families in your town, make sure your students are hosting. Have students meet once a week at a designated table during lunch. It’ll only be to go to a different part of your town or city. Check out the project Les Cantines du Monde, in which students researched photos of typical school lunches from around the world then commented on them in a foreign language. As I’m sure you already know, immersion can be had inside the four walls of your classroom. This could be a set of vocabulary words that are used in this celebration that are also used on a daily basis by native speakers. Celebration, FL 34747. In a nutshell – Trap pom poms in a colander using some wooden sticks or pipe cleaners and turn it upside down. The new language is the medium as well as the object of instruction. Immersion classes, as the name suggests, involves surrounding the student with the language in the form of speech, play, games, cultural activities such as dance, music, and food. All Rights Reserved. For those looking for an amazing French language immersion program, head to Quebec City. Next story 101 ideas of language immersion activities for the summer, part II; Previous story Remy and his first American flag (or reporting a U.S. birth abroad) 21 Responses. With immersion, the language becomes the very instrument with which students are gradually able to think, express themselves and accomplish tasks. They can expound and add a few more details if they so wish. Click here to get a copy. We use the term in a more broad sense though: Right now, you are likely immersed in English. She can do a cooking demonstration and talk about its history, or the different recipes developed over the years. (Download). They’re not just learning about the language, its different usage rules and such. Go back and listen again. How many videos and activities have they progressed through? You can easily use FluentU videos as material for the audio transcription exercise shown above. Spanish | French | German | Mandarin Chinese | Japanese Take your student's world language experience beyond the classroom with an Xperitas short-term language immersion program. Our videos come in varied formats and forms—there are interviews, newscasts, concerts, music videos and more. Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes store or from the Google Play store to access material on your Android and iOS devices. One of the cheapest, simplest ways to connect is with Skype—a free, online, video-enabled calling service. Then you can track their progress individually and as a group. The following are just a few highlights: Just as a fish swimming in the ocean doesn’t focus on how wet it is and instead busies itself with engaging in its everyday “fishy” activities on the ocean floor, students immersed linguistically forget, for example, that they’re learning Russian. Specialized Courses. Instead, it can become so real and so useful that it becomes the medium with which they ask a question, meet somebody new, make a purchase or watch a movie. Food becomes the backdrop for all this learning, because while prepping for their presentations, while researching the history of the dish, while crafting their props or while composing the stuff they’re going to say in class, they’re already picking up not only food and cultural insights but language lessons as well. You don’t need to take your class out of the country and into some foreign land to experience linguistic immersion. make your classes potentially even more immersive, engaging activity or in a communicative way, how native speakers learn their mother tongues, download the FluentU app from the iTunes store, CALL Me: The Tech Savvy Teacher’s Guide to Computer Assisted Language Learning. They have to make out the exact words and also figure out if the sentence they end up with actually makes sense. Immersion programs that exist today actually originated in Canada in the 1960's, when middle-class English speaking parents campaigned for their children to be taught French through the experimental technique of language … You don’t have to take your students anywhere to get them talking about things in the language they are learning. Students will soon come to love days like French Fridays and may even consider bringing French food on those days. Communication and language area (s) of development: Turn-taking, social interaction. They’ll submit this as homework. Your students’ only assignment in this case is to interact with the environment: To ask questions about where stuff comes from, touch the goods on sale, taste the samples, etc. All rights reserved. In most major cities, you’ll find ethnic enclaves where people from other countries have opened stores and restaurants that cater to their compatriots. The term language immersion, often shortened to just "immersion," is used interchangeably for various situations. Didn’t catch something? The important thing is that beyond immersion through tasting, this activity coaxes students to wrestle and struggle with the language itself. They’ll have to figure this one out for themselves.). And so you should give this transcription activity as homework. Instead of learning the traffic rules, your students are actually driving. Let the students draw slips of paper to see who will be preparing what dish. Hold yourself back from making corrections and let the student do her thing. View More >>. FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. They can walk around historical buildings or visit ruins of historical significance. For the Chinese New Year, these words might include “luck,” “new,” “year” and even the names of certain animals. Soccer. Click to see in-context definitions and clear examples. Navigating a phone or laptop in a target language forces your students to use that language every time they pick up their favorite device. Students experience local culture through educational activities and authentic interaction with native speakers. Pretzels Included! You may be a native speaker yourself, but count yourself out. Have you daydreamed about planning a fully immersive trip for your students? And this real-world, rubber-meets-the-road, close-quarter experience with the language effectively mimics how native speakers learn their mother tongues. All videos are subtitled in French and have English translations. In this way, the class can have a literal taste of what the culture is all about. Home Activities. Pick somebody who’s outgoing, a natural extrovert who loves interacting with people and doesn’t take himself too seriously. This is where you can take informal classes, order food in another language, participate in street fairs, and practice a foreign language right in your own backyard. It can guide their senses and inform how they look at things. Immersion = living in and engaging/interacting with the world through another language. Choose an audio clip that’s about one minute in length. Educational tour company Immersion Tours allows students to touch history and practice French in a francophone environment. Tell them that it’s a slice of the culture they’re learning and the best thing they can do is to luxuriate in it and take it all in. In this activity, we make that history even more palpable. See more ideas about dual language, language immersion, dual language classroom. Please check your email for further instructions. And those are the type of language lessons that are very hard to forget because they’re tied to a rich, memorable context. If the native speaker activity developed students’ curiosity and their ability to ask questions, this one will hoist them to the other side of the communication process—that of making statements of fact, sharing information and delivering a message. Or, you know, bending the laws of time or space. Hover your mouse over the subtitles to instantly view definitions. But that’s really just a literal and figurative appetizer. Our language immersion programs combine 15 to 20 hours of formal language classes, with planned activities and just enough free time. Now native language content is easily within the reach of any student, at any skill level, thanks to the interactive transcripts. For example, if it’s a Japanese class, then sushi and ramen could definitely be on the list. The term "immersion education" was born and came to prominence in Canada during the 1960s. The immersion teaching mode is defined as the delivery of the second language curriculum in an immersed second language (SL) History. It’s also to find 7-10 vocabulary words associated with the whole ritual or celebration. They’ll write these sentences and their translations on a sheet of paper which they’ll submit to you. However, while there’s some truth to that, your students don’t need to actually risk their survival in order to be immersed. Samara Beach Spanish Program. If there’s a play or movie based on the dish, she can share that as well. Immersion works because it fundamentally changes how your students think about the target language. Here’s Why. Preschool in Chinese. The Spanish Language Immersion programs for adults are designed to improve the speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, by addressing the personal needs of the students while experiencing a cultural immersion.. Spanish Language Programs available: Spanish Immersion Programs. In a German course, for example, you might get the likes of Luther, Marx, Bach or Merkel. 6 Armstrong Road | Suite 301 | Shelton, CT | 06484, $10,000 IN PRIZES! Ask him to prepare a short talk. She’ll be given full range and absolute freedom to present the dish in class. Change Your Students’ Digital Devices to the Target Language. And like in the first activity, some presentations will be replete with grammatical errors, like those linguistic errors committed by learners immersing themselves in the country. The type of immersion varies, including total, partial, two-way and foreign language immersion. Bring some new face to stand in front of the class. As soon as you’ve made a connection with a promising school, your students and theirs will be ready to talk. can take anywhere. The full-immersion Chinese program offers all-time favorite children activities including: circle time, music, art and story time. Kimberley is a Senior Editor at WeAreTeachers. Students get to pick a historical figure whose story they’d like to share in class. From two-week English courses on the beaches of California to 9 months learning French in Paris, we have an exciting variety of immersion programs for adults and students. Its basic theories and principles evolved from the popular theories of language acquisition and language learning. Nov 23, 2020 - Games for learning languages at home or via a dual language, ELL, or immersion program www.analomba.com. Boost your classroom Spanish this fall with immersion activities with native speakers! Missed a word? FluentU videos can scaffold your lessons and ensure that students get a full multimedia experience in class. That being said, here are some activities that can provide the needed context to make the language vividly come to life. The conversations will be recorded and can be replayed. Because of the context provided by the ritual or cultural celebration, your students will find the words easier to remember. The language being learned is spoken about 90% of … The student who cooked the dish will then be asked to make the dish come to life. Students and faculty live under the same roof and take part in all the cultural and social activities, including film screenings, lectures, concerts, plays, dinners, wine seminars, parties, club meetings and picnics. In this activity, each student is assigned a dish native to a culture that uses the language. It can be a news clip, a short narration of a scene, a brief dialogue, an excerpt of a speech—anything! (But don’t tell them what it’s all about. That’s all it is. At the end of the trip, prizes are drawn—students with the most coupons, naturally, have much better odds of winning a prize. French Immersion Language Study Tours for High School Groups . Check out EIL's German Program. See more ideas about language immersion, activities for kids, dual language. There you’ll find more than just a way to practice the language. Have your students create a tour of their town and the surrounding areas entirely in their guests’ native language. Our language immersion study tours for high schools can be customized year-round in over 30 countries and for 7 target languages (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish). The more you know in advance about the country, region, city or town you are visiting, the more you will get out of your experience.